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[12:41 PM 10/10/2018]
Announcement:: Unity has depreciated the web player (source: https://unity3d.com/webplayer) and the current demo/test version of the game can no longer be played on the web. The game testing site will be re-launched when a new build is created and launched. It will be some time before this happens as the game is a low priority right now. This link: The Game : Beta tests/development will take you to the older browser version that I have recently updated and will continue to update for modern browsers. It is just a simple maze design, nothing like the 3D version. Once a new version is released, it will be announced here and on our Xzyst : Facebook page. -Doug

[7:56 PM 8/28/2013]
Announcement:: Currently we are on leave from the game. We suffered a minor data loss and will recover from it soon. For now: connect with us on facebook and share your ideas and stay in the loop: Xzyst : Facebook.

[8:50 AM 5/9/2011]
Announcement:: Public testing of Xzyst is now here! This is NOT the actual game, rather a test environment of things that 'may' be in the game. This is mainly a test of the networking system, combat, enemy and interaction systems. Names and models will be changed as time goes on, as well as the scenery and items. Try it here: http://www.xzyst.com/the_game/beta/x-phase2-2.php (this link will always forward you to the most current version.) Connect with us on facebook and share your findings and ideas: Xzyst : Facebook.

[1:14 AM 3/21/2011]
Update:: Those that have shown no interest or are no longer actively involved have had their account access revoked. Access can be restored by contacting me in regards.

[12:51 PM 2/21/2011]
Announcement:: We have a new developer on the team! Pouria RG has joined Xzyst : The Game!

[9:48 PM 11/13/2010]
HUGE NEWS:: We've decided to venture into 3D gaming! With the power of Unity3D, it is now possible for us as new developers to design and launch a full fledged 3D game on the net. People interested in helping will need to learn how to use 'blender' from blender.org and Unity3d from 'unity3d.com'.
The original script will still be developed as it is needed for the backend to the game engine; Even if you're new to graphics and modeling, or have never done it before, you can learn! Those interested should contact me via this site, or through facebook.

[3:20 PM 10/19/2010]
Major Update(s): It's been a long time coming...with the help of a brand new development team, Xzyst : The Game is under construction, yet again. This time we're taking it to entirely new levels; Introducing multi-player interaction with fights that include multiple enemies (rather than just 1), tons of monsters to fight and many levels to explore. More will be revealed soon!
Some notes on the game: It's structure is mainly text based with graphic enhancements. The plan is to design it to work X-browser, even mobile phones! In future development it MAY even interact with some of your favorite social networks.
Right now it is classified as 'In Development' therefore there are no open tests at this time. Check out the Xzyst facebook page and stay in the loop:
Xzyst : Facebook

Note: The previous 1 player versions are still available, but they have no relavence to the current build!
[1:06 PM 1/9/2010]
Current version is NOT supported on webtv/msnTV yet. I am still working on it.
Click here to test the game out.
[2:02 PM 12/8/2009]
Update: I am putting some finishing touches on the recent upgrade, then I will be uploading it to the site for testing. It has much more advanced features and has a more reliable script. (More later...)

The game is up for beta testing!!!!! This is a lowgrade version of something I REALLY want to finish. and it is not multiplayer (there will be something later for that) for now, it's just a test to see what works for people, and what doesn't. click HERE!
Please 'contact' me with bug reports, and errors.
Oh, and before you even ask.. It's not built in flash or java for a reason. This game is X-browser compat, right down to the WebTV! LMAO! WOOT! I told ya I'd do it(you know who you are:-) ).
click for larger image
I am STILL [12/8/2009] looking for more developers/scripters/testers.

Anyone interested with any the following skills:
php/databasing, database/security, graphic design, story editing, game design.
This game needs a secure database, and the ability to support multiplayer interaction.
So far my efforts have all but failed.
I have most of it working, but I do not have time to do this on my own. so I am calling for gamers,
or designers interested in making an online game, for help.
This would be for your own achievements. No money will be used as reimbursement.

Right now I am extremely busy with my normal job(s) and family, but I will keep you informed on this page and the Xzyst facebook page.
Thanks once again for being interested!

Doug - [aka Deathless / DeathWing from VQ+
Dark / Darko / DJ Darko / DarkendEmbrace from Talkcity and the Chaos Stream]

Developers that are involved so far (changes frequently, last updated: 5/9/2011):
  • Creator/Writer/Script/Design/Models:
  • Douglas Martinez [aka Darko]
  • -
  • -
  • Lead Creature Designer:
  • Seth aka bloodwolf2525 'Chaotic Creator/Monster Breather'
  • -
  • -
  • Master Artist - Modeling/Character Creator:
  • Pouria RG
  • -
  • -
  • Sound Design/Master Shredder
  • VIOL8
  • -
  • -
  • Story Writers/Editors/Ideas
  • Mchelle aka kittEh
  • Seth aka Bloodwolf
  • Matt Hartley
  • -
  • -
  • Testers/Untitled as of yet
  • kioto_mike
  • TInumber66 / aka Thomas
  • Jamez
  • bentoons aka Vamos
  • Celia
  • kris
  • LeslieMS

Old News:
I am working hard on the backend scripting and testing many ingame features with our team. The moderator/game developer tools have been designed and released, creature creation has commenced! Multi-player and multi-enemy structure is in testing and (so far) functional at this time. We're looking at a long road ahead, but we have to start somewhere!

we have begun testing the ingame chat system, and have worked out a solid communication port.
I am currently working on a dungeon style area that is single player, but has access to the chat.
I am also working bugs out of the arena style multiplayer areas.

If the game is a success, and it makes money, then the project designers and scripters will be paid. Otherwise, reimbursements will be made as membership status, and restricted area access. more later..

So, if you have the interest, and the ability to contribute, contact me.

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